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Lucie Beck

Lucie Beck Blogger de comida

Países Bajos

She describes her photography style as moody. Lucie Beck loves to play with light and shadow and storytelling. Meet our new photographer here!

Lucie lives in Breukelen, a small village near Amsterdam. She has been a photographer for about nine years. For one and a half of those years, it has been her profession. After the birth of her third child, she took some time to find out exactly what she wanted to do with her life. She chose to follow her creative path. She founded the blog ““. In this blog Lucie shares recipes, food photography and styling tips.

After she came to her decision, Lucie attended courses that taught her how to photograph food. She began doing more and more shoots and got her first professional job taking photos for a restaurant in Holland. This is the starting point of her career and the beginning of a “hard” chapter.

"I’m addicted to making beautiful photos and I’m a sort of sponge taking knowledge."

Lucie always wants to improve herself. She loves collaborating and working with others. Her personal photography style is very atmospheric. She loves to play with light, create shadows, and storytelling. Lucie also likes old props that add value to the images, such as an antique fire grate or beautiful old cutlery.

She is also happy to do a shoot in a fresh and bright style for customers. Sometimes the food is just enough because the dish speaks for itself. She accepts the challenge of photographing each dish in a different way and is ready to try out new things. Lucie just wants to evolve.

Lucie Beck works for restaurants, online food companies, magazines, and small businesses. She gives photography workshops, and in addition to food she photographs interiors, gardens, and products for magazines.

Besides photography, Lucie spends time with her three boys (she calls them her three monkeys) and her husband. It’s important to her that they spend quality time with one another either at home or out in nature. She finds Instagram to be a great source of inspiration. There she follows loving people who take beautiful photos – and not just of food.

Poached pears Poached pears Grilled mackerel with samphire on a ceramic plate with a little bowl of salt on a linen cloth Grilled cambembert from the bbq in hands in aluminum foil with garlic and rosemary Dressing for the asparagus with orange juice Eating melted cambembert in alumiumfoil with a hand on a table